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The Main Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name

March 20, 2019


The Main Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name

The Main Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name

Most businesses right now are published and operated through internet because it is easy to find the consumer targets since website can be seen around the world. However, if you have business and you want to publish it through internet, then you need to own web hosting that will make you can post anything related to your business easily. Overall, the hosting will help your website to be seen by the users around the world so they can visit your site due to curiosity.

What is The Main Use of Web Hosting for Online Business
Making website is not easy at all especially for business. You need to put much effort right at the beginning ro achieve the best in the future once the business is open. When you make website, you need to know about web hosting. This is basically the service which allows individuals and also organizations or companies to post the web page or website on the internet. The hosting provider is the business that will provide you the services and technologies needed for making website to be seen on internet.

Simply, websites are stored or hosted on special device or special computer which is also called as servers. When users want to see the website, they just need to type the address of the website or domain to the browser. After few seconds, you will be connected to the server and your website is delivered through browser. Sometimes, most hosting businesses will require you to have domain so you can host them. However, if you don’t have it, then the companies can help you to purchase it.
If you are the owner of online business, then you need to publish your site using hosting service. However, actually the hosting provider can give you more than just hosting service. The professional will make sure the great experience for owners so they don’t need to waste their time to the website anymore but they can put much effort to the business only. However, many people think that web host and also domain are the same things. Those are different and to understand about hosting service, you need to differentiate them.

What is the Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Name
First of all, you need to know what exactly the web hosting is. Basically, it is the “place” for your files and data to live. In simple words, hosting service is the home for your website and the living place for your site only. So, this can’t be moved to other places once you have the hosting service. Meanwhile, the domain name is the address of your own house which is the website. It is similar to your own house in the real world. You have your own house to live and this is the hosting service.

However, your house also has the address so other people can visit your house easily once they know the address and this is the domain name. All websites need hosting service and the hosting service will need domain name so your own website can be published easily. When people enter your address or domain name in browser, then the domain name will be translated into IP address of your server. This server has files of your website and it will send the data back to the browsers of user.

The hosting companies will specialize in serving and storing the website and they will offer many hosting plans to customers. The connection of those 2 is so close and inseparable. Though the hosting and domain are 2 unsimilar services, you need them both in making the best business website. They work each other perfectly together to make the access of website easy and possible to open. Domain name is just like the massive or huge address book which is needed to update constantly.

Can Users Move The Web Hosting to Another Company Without Changing Domain Name
Behind the domain name, there is the hosting service that keeps the files safe. If you don’t have the domain names, it is so hard for other users to find the website and if you don’t have hosting service, then it is impossible for you to make website. However, many users also try moving the website to other hosting provider but they are not so confident about it because they are scared if they need to change the domain name also. Basically, you can move it to another company of hosting service without changing the address.

It is because you already have and own the domain and you can just change the hosting service only. For instance, you bought hosting and domain name from one company and you want to move only the hosting place to another company. You can move the website easily from the former host to another by transferring the data and files. After that, you have to edit the settings of domain name and point them to the web hosting provider where your website lives now.

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