Why Remote Access VPN Service Is Ideal for Business Purposes

April 13, 2019

Why Remote Access VPN Service Is Ideal for Business Purposes

Many internet users prefer using VPN service, since it is more secured. They can connect the devices to internet while the data stays encrypted. Therefore, all critical information is well protected all times. However, there are actually different types of VPNs. Therefore, internet users need to understand them, including the pros and cons, before making a decision on which type to use. You may need only one type, depending upon the nature of internet access you need.
Generally, there are two broad categories of VPN service, namely remote-access VPN and site-to-site VPN. Each offers different features, pros, and cons. Therefore, make sure to learn them before making a decision.  Remote access VPN is actually the most common type of VPN. It is also called user-to-LAN connections, namely, users (employees) in remote areas can connect to LAN connections in the office.
Why Business Needs a Remote-Access Access VPN Service
Remote-access VPN allows you to connect to a private network and access its services from a remote area. Of course, the connection between you and the private network occurs by means of internet. The difference is that the connection is private and secured. Remote-Access VPN is used for business purposes or home uses.
As discussed in a previous post, imagine that you are an employee in a company. You may need to access your company’s private network while you are doing a business travel. A remote-access VPN allows you to access files and resources in the company’s private network. In business setting, a remote-access VPN is helpful in many other ways, including:
  • Support team, whose members work in different areas. When the devices are deployed in different areas, the support team can troubleshoot issues, update software, or update configuration settings.
  • Software development team members, who are conducting field tests
  • Service providers and Sales partners. They may need access to the deployed devices own by customers. The most common uses are troubleshooting, support, and maintenance.
The same case applies for home users. With a VPN, you can access your home’s network resources while you are away.Pros and Cons of Remote Access VPNThere are several advantages of remote access VPN for business. The following are some of them:
  • Data security
This is certainly on the top of the list. When offsite employees send data to the private network through a VPN, the data is encrypted. In case that a hacker successfully captures the data, he/she will not be able to use the data, since it is encrypted. This is particularly helpful when the employees frequently access the company’s network using public Wi-Fi.
  • Affordability
Initial investment for remote-access VPN is minimal, while the VPN service is scalable, depending upon the company’s needs. Due to affordability, this type of VPN is ideal for business of any sizes, including small businesses or startups.
  • Flexibility
Remote access VPN is suitable for companies, which have flexible working environment. They may let the employees to work from home, from the airport, from remote areas, and many more. Such a working environment is ideal for millennial, and it is expected to lead to a happier workplace.
However, remote-access VPN also has few disadvantages. As the network is access from distant areas, VPNs can make the web browsing speed in the device slower. This is particularly true when the device does not have high specifications. Other pros that may be associated with remote-access VPN include:
  • Setting up in-house VPN can be a challenge, particularly if the business does not have an experienced IT staff. Lack of familiarity with technology can be a problem. Such problem is common in small businesses and startups. However, this problem can be addressed by having the setup process done by a VPN service provider.
  • Selecting a VPN service provider can be another challenge. There are many fake providers out there. Some of them are actually hackers or beginner providers with questionable performance. Dealing with fake providers can be a great problem, since they can evens sell the customers’ data. To avoid such problems, the businesses need to do comprehensive research and evaluation over the candidates.
Remote Access VPN Service: The Bottom Line The company can benefit much from the remote-access VPN. This is an ideal choice for businesses who work with young talents or millennial, who do not like working in a single office. On the other hand, the challenges of setting up the VPN and selecting a trustworthy VPN provider can be addressed by doing comprehensive research. You can research some candidates, including their track records and testimony.

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