2 Crucial Keys To Consider for E-commerce Web Hosting Solution

April 20, 2019


2 Crucial Keys To Consider for E-commerce Web Hosting Solution

E-commerce Web Hosting Solution – E-commerce is increasingly popular as a shopping facility for consumers across the globe. This is particularly true in the last several years. Are you running an e-commerce business, too? In fact, so many e-commerce businesses appear every year. It means that competition in this industry keeps increasing with time. Accordingly, a dependable web hosting service is one of the solutions to compete in this industry. Why? The speed of e-commerce website means much for the businesses.
Keys to E-commerce Web Hosting Solution: Speed
Even a minute difference in e-commerce performance can create much difference in the e-commerce profitability. The consumers are looking for e-commerce that offers fast response and fast service.  Speed translates into user experience. However, speed also translates into how search engines, like Google, rank your website. Of course, speed is only one of hundred factors, which Google uses to rank a website. Nonetheless, it means much.
Search engines do not like websites that have frustrating long downtimes. How speed implies your web page performance is evident from the following facts:
  • Studies show that almost half of web users expect a website, which loads within 2 seconds or even less.
  • About  of consumers will move to another website when the first web takes more than 3 seconds to load;
  • Even a second delay in load time can translate into a  reduction in conversion rate.
What do they mean? The faster your website loads, the better its performance is, and the more profitable it will be. Unless it can compete with other e-commerce businesses in terms of speed, your website will not give you much. The speed of your website to load depends upon several factors. They include the code size on the website, the types of file you post onto the web page, and the web hosting service.
You can control the first two aspects (file type and code size), but you need a third party service for the third aspect (web hosting). In this case, finding a reputable web hosting service is the solution.
Keys to E-commerce Web Hosting Solution: Dependability
When it comes to dependability, there are two important points to consider, namely uptime and scalability. The former refers to the time, during which your e-commerce website operates. Meanwhile, the latter refers to how your website scales up when your business grows into a bigger one in the future.
Of course, no web host service can guarantee that your website has 100 uptime. However, many of them boast 99.90  up time. This sounds great, right? What about a web host, which offers 99.95 or 99.99  uptime? Does it make any difference? If your business offer 22/7 service, even a matter of few seconds can translate financial revenue.
Studies show that a 0.01 difference in uptime a day can translate into 40-minute downtime a month. If you boast 24/7 service on your websites, the downtime implies that your website does not actually perform as expected. The cost of downtime varies with industries and businesses. Surveys showed that the 60 minutes of downtime costs e-commerce businesses from $100.000 to $300.000.
This potential loss is made worse when poor customer experience is considered. A consumer that has poor experience with an e-commerce is less likely to visit the website in future. This is even more detrimental for your reputation. Downtime can translate into inability to view product details, to complete the orders, and to process payment. These can translate into transaction failure.
A dependable web hosting service allows your website to work smoothly no matter how large the business is or how many the transactions are. Therefore, the e-commerce website needs to be built with scalability in mind. You certainly expect that the business will grow at certain point of time in the future, right? When it happens, make sure that the website is fully ready.
Imagine that you have to deal with frequent sales every day. Also, imagine that you may need to change to another platform to deal with the transactions. Does your website still have 99.99 uptime at this point? A professional web hosting service can guarantee so. Unless the website is scalable, you will have to deal with frequent downtime in the future.
So, make sure to prevent this problem by choosing a professional web host agency. A professional web hosting service does not ask hidden costs. It is true that certain e-commerce platforms can be more expensive than others can. However, make sure the costs are estimated at the beginning. Therefore, you will not have to pay hidden costs in the future.
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