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Is Choosing Free Web Hosting Service Right for Your Business?

April 20, 2019


Is Choosing Free Web Hosting Service Right for Your Business?

Free Web Hosting Service – Web hosting is certainly a necessary thing for businesses, regardless of the size. Even a small or middle size business depends upon web hosting service for its competitive edge in terms of online presence. Of course, every business prefers less expensive or even free web hosting service. The question is, “is the free service really free and how about the service quality.” The following discussion will answer the question on whether you should really opt for free hosting service or not.

What Free Web Hosting Service Means for Your Business

Imagine other cases in your life, in which you choose free things. Are they really free? Or, do you have to pay for other items not included in the ‘free’ offers? Make sure to consider these questions before making a decision.

Is It Really Free?

The web host may really offer free services, but such services always come with limitations. You may enjoy very limited services in the free terms. Then, you will have to pay for other items. The services may be fine at the beginning. Then, you will notice the limitations, while you need more extensive services to go along with your business needs. Then, you will have to pay even more expensive costs for the extended services.
The most common limitations associated with the free web hosting services include the following things:
  • Limited amount of storage available for the website
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Unable to allow FTP access, and many more
The problem is that these are the key components of web hosting service. Then, you are forced to upgrade the services at much higher costs from the hosting provider. The problem can be even more difficult if you sign the contract at the beginning of the agreement. Therefore, make sure to read the terms of services carefully before signing any document related to the web hosting services.

Lack of Reliability

It must be noted that most web hosts that offers free services are startups that are trying to draw in customers. Actually, besides the free services, they have paid ones. What happens when the company finally folds? You will lose much money. If the company shuts down, your website is lost. It is unlikely that you will get the backups of the website.
The problem is that these companies usually offer interesting packages, for instance, web hosting plus free domain, or things like that. Then, if the company fails, you lose not only hosting service, but also the domain. It means that you will pay even more expensive costs, particularly if your website is permanently loss. You have to build everything for the scratches; you have to deal with customers’ complaints, data loss, and eventually financial loss.

No Control Over Your Website

Think of this fact: when your hosting is managed by a second-party company, they actually have control over all your contents. What does this mean? Before the period of agreement is over:
  • You cannot transfer the website, let alone to sell it
  • You cannot sell the website content
  • You cannot re-publish the web contents
  • You cannot transfer providers in case that you need better services
  • You have upgrade the hosting services as required by the provider
  • You cannot opt for a more affordable one from another, reliable company
The point is that you do not actually own and control your website and its contents.

No Server Control

As mentioned above, free web hosting service means limitations in everything. It is less likely that your website is scalable. When your business grows, the website cannot go in line with your business. Then, the website will not be able to handle the traffic and transactions smoothly. You will find lots of downtimes and delayed transaction process.
The importance of side speed has been discussed in a different post. Downtimes and delays can translate into financial loss. Why? You will lose customers, visitors, and readers as they are looking for a faster website.

Free Web Hosting: The Bottom Line

If you expect your business to grow fast in the future, free web hosting service may not be the choice. It may be interesting at the beginning, but you will find that the limitations are even costlier than the premium hosting service. The good news is that premium website hosting has been more affordable, thanks to the more intense competition among the providers.
Make sure to hire a professional web hosting provider. Trace the track records and see how the clients review the services offered by the host provider. Free web hosting can be a mistaken decision when it comes to business future.
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