Malware Also Attacks Mobile Phone

April 25, 2019


Malware Also Attacks Mobile Phone

Danger is anywhere including inside network world through virus and other similar things that can disturb and destroy the systems of your computer. However, you have to know that malware doesn’t only attack your PC or computer only but also your mobile device. Your smartphone is also the target for virus to spread easily since you use internet through your phone. That is why, you can’t say that your phone doesn’t need anti virus or something because virus can go in easily.

Malware can be Found Inside Your Mobile Gadget

Who says that your mobile phone is safe from virus? You use internet more often with your phone instead of your computer. Most people use smartphone right now and this is the perfect media for malware to spread its love. Mobile market is the best since phone is your handheld computers with complex things found there. They also offer the perfect open entrance to the treasure trove of your own personal information including your financial details as well. That is why, the valuable data can be found easily inside your phone.

Though you might think that phone is the safest device you have, unfortunately the malicious software can increase rapidly there to take advantage of your phone. You can get ransomware, worms, spyware, Trojans, adware and many things in many ways. Your Bluetooth connection, texts and also emails can be affected with virus and worms for example, they can spread faster from one phone to another phone so those will be infected with virus. The fact is, mobile market is so huge prospect.

According to the source, users of mobile device are at 2.1 billion worldwide and it can increase to 2.5 billion users in this year. Mobile market is so attractive and virus can take advantage inside it. The mobile users are the easier targets and most of users don’t protect their mobile devices with anti virus or they just rely on the security of their phones only. Some people are also lazy enough to update their anti viruses or remove the trash from their phones because they think it is still safe and secured.

The Signs of Infected Android by Malware

Infected mobile gadgets are insidious danger particularly compared to the computer and the hacked camera or microphone can follow every conversation and move. The wors thing is, the mobile banking can be affected too with incoming calls and also through text messages to access your personal information. You need to remember that your affordable phone can come in a package with pre-installed virus and it is almost impossible to remove and clean it so it will stay forever there.

As you know iOS by Apple and also Android by Google are the most common prevalent operating systems people use. Compared to iOS, Android takes the lead the market with more than of sales followed by iOS with around 1 of sale. That is why, more users are choosing Android because it is also affordable or cheap. However, many people don’t realize if their android is infected with virus or know. Know the signs that your Android phone is infected such as:

  • The increase in the data usage without doing any activities inside

The virus starts chewing up the data plan by showing the ads and giving out the bad information right from your smartphone.

  • Advertisement that pop ups suddenly

If you know some ads appear suddenly on the monitor nowhere without clicking anything and send you to click on the website, it means you install something hidden inside. Close it without clicking it.

  • Battery charge disappearing

This virus will give burden and heavy feeling to your phone so it reduces the battery faster than when you use it normal

  • Charge on the bill

It may happen when virus makes calls and also sends texts to the premium numbers.

  • Your phone will heat up while it lags

The virus will make your phone overheated even when you just open one app and the battery will reduce rapidly and make your phone dead

  • People on the contact list make report

Virus will replicate and spread the number from one tool to another through emails and also texts. After that, it will invite them to open the link. People who feel annoyed will report the strange texts and calls from the phone.

  • Wifi and also Internet Connection will be turned on automatically on their own

Slowly but sure, the virus will propagate and also control your phone and ignore your action at all. It will open the infection links and channels.
Though your phone has its own anti-malware, it is better for you to use one more so you can strengthen your security without being scared anymore with the virus invasion to your phone.
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